14 Dec 2016

About Aljaleya TV

Aljaleya TV: The first and only Arabic TV channel across Canada and USA. It has reached its 14 Million viewers in a short period of time. Aljaleya TV is Independent and uniquely representing the viewers at large and creating bridges between Arabs of different countries who immigrated to North America.The Idea of establishing the channel just started in 2011 by designing an Arabic website with the latest technology to serve our community in Canada by providing all the necessary information to help the families and older people who can’t understand English to meet their needs.

 The website was a great success! That success pushed us to add videos to cover activities and community celebration. By doing that, we were able to obtain 500,000 traffics. The number kept rising which made some companies ask to advertise their business until we got 25 companies advertising on the website. Later on, the website was connected to YouTube which increased the number of viewership to 2000.000. After one year of development, an online channel was established in 2012. This channel was used to educate Arabs in Canada about the life in Canada and the best ways to overcome the difficulties they might face.

 The channel was established on July, 1st, 2015 after one year of programming, preparing and air testing.The channel can be viewed through IP TV boxes or the live streaming that can be easily accessed from the TV website. Our viewership is always in a dramatic increase which is a good indication of the success of the channel. We are committed to helping the Arabic community in Canada by broadcasting TV shows that serve the community. We are aiming to expand the channel by providing new programs and TV shows in the future.

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