14 Jan 2018

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We know why you’re here. You’re looking for options to grow your business. Yet, you’re unsure which way to go and want to find new ways to do it. We all love digital, but traditional advertising is still here and going strong. Still unsure about TV, especially the TV ad? Aljaleta TV campaigns include call-to-action in the TV advertisement. If you’re never really thought about using Aljaleya TV, the following will explain why you definitely should.


“How to generate leads” must be one of the most common phrases to google among business people. Yet, instead of going for the digital mediums, the often-overlooked TV can be used successfully to generate leads.

Aljaleta TV ad campaigns are great for businesses to generate immediate interest in their products or services. Adding a call to action to a TV ad makes it a lot easier for viewers to connect with a business. 

When the popularity and potential of the TV medium is connected to the immediate action of direct response, the outcome will be rewarding for your business. The study by Aljaleya TV shows a direct correlation between website visits and Aljaleya TV ads. For instance, Burger King increased their Aljaleya TV spend 23% and during that period their number of unique visitors increased by 79%. As you can see, TV medium itself will provide you access to a wider audience, whereas a Aljaleya TV will go even further and push the prospects to convert by forwarding them to your website or a mobile application.

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